Now we're at it...

In Utah there is this place... You fly into Salt Lake City, and instead of truning left to get in to the city, turn right on I80, and continue for about 1 - 2 hours (depending on you speed), remember to rent a car with Aircon., and bring water (lots). And just before you get to Nevada (4 miles), there is a exit, and a gas stop, and a cafateria (I can highly recomend it - but only if you feel hungry). Well if you ingore this and just continues down the road you will get to Bonnevill Salt Flats Speedtrack (probably also the name of the exit on I80). You can find more information about it here

Well I was in Utah with some colleagues (work is so fun, especially when you travel), and as we had to goto to Salt Lake City to pick up another colleague from the Airport, why not (Bugs Bunny: "I think we should have turned left at....."), well it was a pleasent sunday afternoon, and because we where in Utah we did not have any hangovers....

This is Marc, Alex, and Rob, like or not - this is how look, most of the time.


Well as you can see it's flat, just to give you an idea, the speedtrack is 80 yards wide, and 10 miles long..... The rest of the place also looks like that, kind of interesting, and your brain starts hurting when you start thinking about it. I live in The Netherlands which is said to be flat, but at least they have a railroad bridges, and higher things like wind mills. Here you can go for miles in each direction without seing anything which is higher than 10 inches (except for I80), and some other human created ugly things.

Ups, I compleatly forgot why this is such a cool place - they drive cars very, very, very fast here. Mostly from March to September (we where there in October - nothing happend - right....... ).


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