MacOS + Skoda - WV - Seat - Not able to extract Admudsen GPS Map Update

 I finally was able to download the 16GB from Skoda so that I could update my Maps with the latest update (Ya!). I then promptly clicked on it to extract it, and got an error:   Unable to expand "" into ""  (Error 70 - Inabpropiate file type or format) What the ... I then opened a command line, as maybe unzip would be able to do something with it, and it worked. # cd Downloads # unzip ..... #  Ya! Another option is to install " The Unarchiver " from the AppStore, which will expand the file without any problems. 

Ubuntu: Networking - Docker and KVM on the same box

If you like me have a box which is running everything, like; Docker, kvm and lxc then you probably also once in a while get gray hair from sorting out networking.  So Docker like to control networking and I let it - only exception is that I'm having a separate bridge (macvlan) for everything Docker as it does sometimes makes life easier (not often). But as Docker see everything, even with multiple network cards / bridges as one whole, it does apply it's iptables rules to everything. Which does cause some problems for kvm and lxc.  One easy way to allow communcation to the kvm vm's via your bridge (if you use bridged networking) is to allow it: iptables -A FORWARD -i br0 -o br0 -j ACCEPT Replace 'br0' with what ever you use as bridge for kvm / lxc. To have this to execute automatically everytime you retart networking (reboot the box) create the following file: /etc/systemd/system/restore-iptables-rules.service With this content: [Unit] Description = Apply iptab

MacOS (Catalina): install a fresh xCode 12.4

I'm not in love with Big Sur (far from it - it's plain ugly), and only now upgraded to Catalina. After upgrading I wanted to upgrade xCode to 12.4 (which is the latest version which is supported on Catalina). App Store only want's to install 12.5 which is only supported (install-able) on Big Sur (piece of junk). But I found a way. Install brew ( open follow the instructions on how to install (you might be asked to install xcode-command-line tools - do so). Install 'mas' on the command line, do: brew install mas Install xCode  on the command line, do: mas install xcode - click [download] and it will install xCode 12.4. And there you have, xCode 12.4 is installed.