BMW G650 xChallenge Links

I sold my xChallange back in 2015, and my last bike in 2018 (due to illness). But I've kept this page up to give people an idea about what rebuild I did to make it a "good" bike.


Part Fiche (Max BMW Motor Cycles)
F650 FAQ's (Same Engine more or less)
F650GS Dakar Components & Information
Snooker's BMW G650 XCountry Links

Links to Discussion Forums
UKGSER - Forum: G650 Xchallenge, Xcountry, Xmoto

AdvRider - BMW G650X Challenge Thread Index
AdvRider - RTW X-Challenge Adventurization
AdvRider - BMW X challenge transmission rebuild
AdvRider - BMW G650X Issue Log (xCountry, xChallenge, xMoto)
AdvRider - There are lots of G650X Challenge and Country threads - let's see your G650X Moto!
AdvRider - So we've all heard/seen the 650 xchallenge...let's see your XCOUNTRY!
AdvRider - BMW G650XChallenge FRONT SUSPENSION
AdvRider - X-Challenge - Accessories/Farkles
AdvRider - New BMW G650X (merged) threadfest...
AdvRider - G650 Clutch
AdvRider - X-ch Heated Grip Wiring
AdvRider - G650X Heated Grip Installation (Symtec Heated Grip Kit)
AdvRider - G650 X Oil Change Instructions?
AdvRider - Michelin AC-10 Enduro Tire (w/pics!)
AdvRider - Best Exhaust for the X 650???
AdvRider - X-Challenge Touratech Tank
AdvRider - X-Challenge Rear Air shock settings
AdvRider - Ohlins installation on a BMW G650X Challenge
AdvRider - "Russification" of BMW G650X.
AdvRider - R&G Tail Tidy (G650 X Challenge) HELP!
AdvRider - BMW G650X PowerCommander info & experiences (V and III models)
AdvRider - G650X Non-BMW Parts Spreadsheet
AdvRider - G650X: How to richen mixture?
AdvRider - G650X gearing - X-Ch to Moto
AdvRider - X-Challenge Touratech Tank
AdvRider - G650X: How to richen mixture?
AdvRider - x-challenge swingarm removal?
AdvRider - XChallenge steering head bearings?
AdvRider - G650X front sprocket play
AdvRider - Participant Brainstorm – D.I.Y. Aux Tank for BMW G650

AdvRider - BMW 650 GS single valve check (step by step) - German forum with lots of information. - Working Solutionl, for Electrics AFTER ABS is remove - Kupplung platt ? (Dead clutch) - Wie sieht Euer Schalthebel aus? (gear lever)

BMW GS Club - Techniek G en F (Dutch)


Navigation - Garmin Montana

Garmin Montana Wikispace

AdvRider - New Garmin Montana (main Garmin Montana Thread)
AdvRider - Garmin Montana Collected Wisdom and FAQs
AdvRider - Routing with Garmin's Montana/Oregon/62/78/eTrex XX

ExpertGPS - Garmin Montana 600
ExpertGPS - Garmin Montana 650t


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