BMW G650 xChallenge

I sold my xChallange back in 2015, and my last bike in 2018 (due to illness). But I've kept this page up to give people an idea about what rebuild I did to make it a "good" bike.


So I decided to get something which is a bit easier to deal with one my travels... also it might be a bit more fun than a +200 kg. monster :-D

And as always there are things, which needs to be added/fixed/modified, I'll try to keep this page updated, but no promises.

Dealing with bikes which are "slightly" excotic, can be a pain with it comes to finding bits and pieces.

I've collected a few links to places and discussions here.

You will end up needing parts, it does not matter at some point you'll have to go and spend some money. I either buy local or from kfm-motorraeder in Germany, and it's a good idea to check the prices as there can be money saved.

Clutch Leaver - - P/N: 730.01.97 , this one will not engage the clutch switch ... do not try to start the bike without pulling the clutch ;-), also the hole is not large enough for the spacer, you'll need a 10mm drillbit to enlarge it.
Break Leaver - Motomike - P/N: 729.71.46

These are cheap options for replacing the original levers, and they almost fit like a glove.

Hotrod Velding xRack - Hotrod Velding, going Soft Luggage this is probably the best option. I'm having it modified later to add some strap points, so that straps does not move around, also so that the Wolfman Saddle Bags will connect directly to the rack - even though I am hoping that I'll be able to afford a set of Magadan Panniers...

Switched Power
The power plug underneath the seat (left side) wires directly into to the loom where it shares an 5amp fuse with other things, blow that one and the bike does not move.

As I have a problem with things which are in general a black box (these new cool things which needs a computer to configure them), I decided to go with a simple solution which is a fuse box, with a relay. After a bit of research ordered an 3 Circuit Solution (3CS) from Easter Beaver, which I connected directly to the battery, and the "switched" part to the connection for the Activated Charcoal Filter (Only used on US models). I'm using a Posi connection to get the power, but one could possibly get a JPT 2 pin plug housing, and a pins to make it nicer....

- Front
- Rear

Kahedo - High Seat, selected to get the high seat as that would eliminate the ridge, and also it's 3 cm higher, which suites me just fine. Seat height is now 98.50cm.. with a Hyperpro rear shock (see below).

Some people say that the original rims are as soft as butter... instead of waiting for the dents to show up, I decided to get EXCEL Takasago (black). I really like the original gold color, unfortunately Excel gold colored rims are bright gold... so black it is. Work done by Haan Wheels.

As with the BMW HP2e, the xChallange comes with a air shock absorber, which for some people works, but with me, I calculated that I to run with 9.2 bar air pressure. Which made it a "slightly" uncomfortable ride. After talking to Bas from Hyperpro, the explanation is that with a high airpressure the shock is fully extended and it is not able to extend... So after a bit of talk I got a fully adjustable shock absorber installed (still need a rebuild), and what a change. Aehm, "bit of talk", I have to admit that it was a really easy sell....

Next to come is the front forks; have taken delivery of a set of 45mm Marzocchi Shiver's, from which the inner leg will be transplanted into the original forks.

Gear Lever
As some have found out, the gear leaver on the G650x is a bit too strong, which means that a spill can result in a broken gear shaft. And then the only way to fix is to split th engine - which can be expensive.

There are many different ways to prevent this, some people end up drilling holes in the original gear lever to make it weaker, other people try to find other gear levers made of metal which will bend instead of breaking ...

One option would be something like this (from a Kawasaki KX 60).

Another option is the BMW G650 Funduro gear leaver which is out of metal and bends easily, I've seen prices around €50.

The main problem child is the clutch, it was dragging when I got the bike, not easy to control. After spending a week on the internet, I discovered that the previous owner had installed a wrong clutch lever; new one installed ... that made it slightly better. Then a new clutch kit was purchased, and installed; much better, but still.... Then an oil change (one never knows), better still. But it still could be better (like a lot better), so a new clutch cover purchased, with all the needed parts. Which have been installed (easy), and the result is that I have a new bike, it simply could not be any better (except for BMW having done this from day one).

Clutch cover assembly needs the following parts:
21 21 2 343 258 - Clip, Circlip
21 21 2 343 259 - Shaft Seal
11 14 2 343 036 - Needle Sleeve - 8X12X8
11 14 2 343 037 - Needle Sleeve - 12X16X10
21 21 7 682 692 - Operating Shaft - 11Z
11 14 7 700 331 - Clutch Housing Cover (new one with a metal sleeve)
11 14 7 699 390 - Gasket
21 20 7 652 919 - Clutch Release Fork Lever (not needed in most cases)
11 11 7 706 514 - Torx Bolt - M6X30 (for Clutch Release Fork lever)

All parts are listed here (BMW Motorcycles of Chattanooga) or here (MAX BMW Motorcycles)


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