Docker: ipvlan (ipv6)

 Due to macvlan instability, I moved my "public" network from macvlan to ipvlan. While I was doing this, I ran in to a problem which caused my no end of grief.

No matter what I did, I could not get my ipv6 to work, ipv4 did work, but not ipv6.

I was following bobcares:Alpine Docker enable IPv6 : How to? instructions to the letter, or so I thought. 

My configuration was:

No matter what I would, it did not work.
Then suddenly I rememberd, in another setup (which also took a while to get working), I had to move "-o parent=eth0" to the end, like:

Don't ask me why, but now it works. 
Very strange though, I suspect that -o (options) is for the driver (ipvlan) and have to be the last thing it gets before the network name.


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