To Darwin or not to Darwin

Politikken (Danish Newspaper) just published an article (english via google translate) where they say that a majority of Americans (that's the people living in the USA), think that God created the Earth, in Denmark it's minority.

Some years back I heard this small story which puts a bit of color on the whole thing;

Moses walks up to the mountain where he receives the tables from God, and part of the conversation which took place was told as;

Moses; "So how did it become?"
God; "what do you mean?"
Moses; "how did all of this become, you know, life, universe, everything?"
God smiles, and settles down and says: "billions of years ago there was nothing, and then suddenly there what this very big explosion, which started the process of creating stars...."
Moses looks at God (very confusing at this point), and says "aehhh, could I get the short version please, this is too complicated"
God; "Ok, on the first day...."

Not saying that this is what happened or not, as no one who is alive today was around to witness this conversation, but it is always healthy to ask questions, and if one put what is written in a book (and rewritten, more than ones) as a fact then something is wrong.

Also weather [stag]Book of Genesis[/stag] is true or false, or if [stag]Darwin[/stag] was right or he was wrong, should not stop us from asking questions.


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