I got a headache (I'm a mere speck)

One of the things I like to think about is [stag]'life, the universe, and everything[/stag]', yes Douglas Adams had a profound impact on my way at looking at the sky. And I'm still happy that earth was not removed to to make space for a interstellar highway (or was it). And no I'm not a philosopher, I just have keen interest in every thing.

So how about that headache, first visualize yourself in you comfy chair in your living room, then continue to put your self in perspective in you city (or country if you live in a small town). See that was not too difficult, then continue to include the earth (yes it's actually kind of biggish, but will get smaller shortly).

Now that you have the basics in place, you can continue to include the Sun (Sol), Mercury, Venus, Earth (we already covered that), Mars (are there still creatures living there?), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, at this point you could also count in Mars, but that was made into a non-planet a couple of years ago.

At this point you should starting feeling kind of smallish, and start having difficulties coping, we're not there yet, so stay where you are!

Now they say that the galaxy (that is the Milky Way for you) contains billions of suns (that is 1 in the power of 9 ~, actually it's in the range of 200-400 billions of suns, now start imagine you statue taken this into considerations. Then is starts getting really unpleasant, as suddenly you're no more that a speck on the tip of a needle - a very small needle that is.

To get from there to the really big numbers, take the Milky Way, put it in together with billions of other galaxies each of roughly the same size (that is 200-400 billion stars in a universe which contain more than a billion gallaxies); (200-400^9 * x^9), where x is the number of galaxies in the universe (which is still unknown), now we're talking.

Now we have reached the point where nothing really doesn't matter anymore, as the numbers are so big that just thinking about it, is causing a headache.

I always like the way [stag]Douglas Adams[/stag] explained it; the number of people in the universe is nil, that is because the number of inhabitable systems, is so great and most of them would probably not be inhabited, then take the number of people and divide that with the number of inhabitable system and you should get a number which is close to 0... there for the number of people in the universe is nil..... read the books and you will be enlightened:-)

How's the headache doing?

Look up the numbers on wikipedia.org


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