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'[stag]Blog comments[/stag]' you say, well let me tell you I love them, they are simply adorable, and they make me think that someone out there actually read my blog - the only thing I have an issue with are comments like:

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replica watches

Which is not why I allow comments to my small, so if you're one of the people who send me these offers, please stop as I don't have any interest in them.

Now I'm on the subject on 'Blog [stag]spam[/stag]' or 'email spam', I read somewhere that most of all spam originates from the [stag]US[/stag], [stag]Korea[/stag], and [stag]China[/stag]. Now the interesting thing is that one can actually go to jail in the US for sending [stag]unsolicited email[/stag] - maybe they should start building more prisons:-)


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