Grammy Awards 2007 - life amazes me

I was in the US almost 3 years agoe, just before the US did go into Iraq, and did have some quite intersting discussions. But one thing really did amaze me was the reaction people had to [stag]Dixie Chicks[/stag] and their stand on the Iraq war/invasion, where long term fans had thrown out their CD's for that simple reason.

My comment to that was something in the lines of; "they are people, and they should be allowed to have their oppinion", that being the conservative part of the US, and some people being slightly boneheaded.....

Now it turns out that at this years [stag]Grammy Awards[/stag] (2007) they got 5 awards, for new album, etc. it looks like they are back into the world of Country fans... 3 years after people wanted to see them burned.

They (Dixie Chicks) probably still have the same opinion as 3 years ago, but as Bush and Co. are no longer in the driving seat (he still being president, but people have finally found out that he is useless), and some people are starting to see the light (hopefully).


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