The Black Stuff (Guinness)

Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Dublin (yep, that place) - mostly because I had to deliver training, and I'm not the one to say no, especially because I've never been to Dublin before.

I have to say that these Irish people are very nice, and extremly frindly - ok, I have to compare to The Netherlands, but still. For example I had to catch a taxi to the airport (to go home), and the ATM across the road was broken, so the nice lady in the reception of the hotel offered me to take some money off my credit card, see that is not something one is use to anywhere else.

But back to the black stuff, also in normal speach know as Guinness (and should not be drunk in lesser measures than pints), it a black substance which recembles tar, and it contains just enough alcohol to make you happy after a while (that is if you're not drinking it because you like it). Guinness had a problem back in the 80's, and started an enormously ad' campain to get people to drink it (again, as they have been around for a few years) - well it worked.

They have a museum (The Guinness Store House), where you can go a learn about Guinness and the history, the quick link is (please if you serve this for peple read how to pour it), or just go to


What I like is this, "small" can'ed guiness:

Or this:


That is a lot of water....

Oh, the good thing is that when you've done with the tour of the Store House, you will end up on the top floor where the is a bar, and they will serve you a feee pint of The Black Stuff. And at the same time you will have a grant view of Dublin.


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