How to make life fun....

Lately I have found that life, can actually get a bit borring - eventhough I spend alot of time trying to make it the oposite. So to change that I found that I had to do something (with some help from some frinds). First find a new hobby, which is quite safe, but still no so safe that you will end up being bored. So said (one should learn to keep once mouth shout), my friends aranged for me to get motorcycle lessons, which after some time I actually find excelent fun (except when it is raining, and windy, and cold - right we're in Feb...).

Another thing one should do once in a while - change job, luckily for me I work in a company where it is possible to change job, without changing company. So I will start in a new job, get new colleagues (new and new is a definition), and move all my stuff into another room....

See making life more interesting can actually be quite easy.


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