The world in ruins....

I remember that a few years back I saw a documentary on TV about kids in South America, which as always takes me aback. Now this week I saw something on I think on BBC World about a program which is setup by Ex. Reuters photojournalist Nancy McGirr, and this was about the same program.

The program I talking about is this is a program to which is trying to provide kids (from 7 - 19) a way to document their lifes, and the world around them.

I feel it kind of difficult to explain why it always make me think that we in the developed world sometimes forget that there is something going on outside our little wonderfull (pink) way of life which we cannot understand - except if we go there, which most of us would prefer not to.

Just to change the subject; another thing which always make me smile are tree's - I don't know why, but it probably have something to do with my fascination about age. Not that I mind much that I'm getting older (aren't we all), but imagine there are tree's which are so old that they can remember ages where mankind hit eachother in the head with stoneclubs. Yes I'm a treehugger, and I'm not afraid of admitting to it - if you don't understand me, take some time and sit under a tree on a sunday afternoon - you can bring a book, be very very ashamed if you don't get it after that. But to come back to the issue at hand; Some people finally discovered that the rainforest in the South Americas are disapearing, they started the The Rainforest Foundation which is trying to stop the exploitation.

I know that there are otherthings which are important - but kids without a furture and an earth without trees, do not really give us a chance to survive as a species...


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