MacOS (Catalina): install a fresh xCode 12.4

I'm not in love with Big Sur (far from it - it's plain ugly), and only now upgraded to Catalina.

After upgrading I wanted to upgrade xCode to 12.4 (which is the latest version which is supported on Catalina). App Store only want's to install 12.5 which is only supported (install-able) on Big Sur (piece of junk).

But I found a way.

  1. Install brew (
    1. open
    2. follow the instructions on how to install (you might be asked to install xcode-command-line tools - do so).
  2. Install 'mas'
    1. on the command line, do: brew install mas
  3. Install xCode 
    1. on the command line, do: mas install xcode - click [download] and it will install xCode 12.4.
And there you have, xCode 12.4 is installed.



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