MacOS: Disable start of xterm when starting XQuartz

 There are many good references to how to disable the start of xterm when starting XQuartz on MacOS. But as some of us are installing it using (home)brew the preferences file is not the one many are pointing to.

Using the (home)brew version of XQuartz the preferences file is org.xquartz.X11.plist, and to disable xterm from auto starting do the forllowing;

Start a terminal and type the following:

$ defaults write org.xquartz.X11 app_to_run $(which false)

To see the result do:

$ defaults read org.xquartz.X11

    SUHasLaunchedBefore = 1;
    SULastCheckTime = "2021-04-22 11:33:05 AM +0000";
    "app_to_run" = "/usr/bin/false";
    "cache_fonts" = 1;
    depth = "-1";
    "done_xinit_check" = 1;
    "enable_fake_buttons" = 0;
    "enable_iglx" = 0;
    "no_auth" = 0;
    "nolisten_tcp" = 1;

Now (re-)start XQuartz and xterm should no longer autostart.


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