Is High-End Hifi a hoax ....

In an youtube video John Darko (could have been this one) argued that a thing costing 25,000$ is reasonable well priced, if it provide the same as other things which cost around the same.

The problem in this, is that will you actually get something which is really at that quality and/or good (to the price), or are you being ripped off.

In another video (this one) John Darko argues that the Allo DigiOne Signature (priced around 500$) is as good as a similar streamer, costing more than 3,000$ - now how does the first (later) comment connect to the first comment.

It does not.....

Yes the Hifi industry is driving by quality, but price does not have anything to do with it.

Remember your iPhone which cost your more than 1,000$ actually only cost around 250$ to produce, then you probably have to take another 25-50$ for the work on the design and so stuff. But when you then hear than Apple earns +10 billion $ a quarter... then it starts to show that someone is paying a lot more for something, than what it is worth.

High-End Hifi is not a hoax, but but there is a lot of products which is not worth the money you pay for it - you can get something really good for a few buck, but you can also get a lot of crap for a lot of money.

Is a 2000$ amp actually so much better than a 500$ amp - yes it is, but is it 4 times better - no. At some point you can poor a lot of money into the amp, and not really get something much better, as the improvement is minumum.

It is the combination, get the best amp, speakers and sources you can get for your budget, and you'll probably be surprised how good it sounds.

It's about listening to the music, not listing to the stereo....


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