EIZO Colornavigator - Data Access Error

The other day I changed the SSD in one of my Macbooks (retina ...), and restored it from a TimeMachine backup.

Everything was working, except for Eizo Colornavigator 7, which gave me an error:

"Data Access Error - Failed to write data. The data my be corrupted. Uninstall ColorNavigator 7 once and reinstall it"

If for the life of it couldn't figure out what was going on, even using AppCleaner (which normally does a proper cleanup) did not fix it. I removed everything else I could find which had to do with Eizo, and still problem was there.

I then contacted Eizo Support, which told me to reinstall ... dooo.....

But I then just for the fun of it install the latest version again, and look at what it installed, and found "/Library/Application Support/EIZO/tools/ColorNavigator 7/" which have Uninstaller Full.app” and "ColorNavigator 7 Uninstaller.app”.

So the fix is:
# cd  "/Library/Application Support/EIZO/ColorNavigator 7/tools”

# open “ColorNavigator 7 Uninstaller Full.app”

Let it finish, then reinstall and presto it works again.

What hidden file it removes I do not know, maybe that is for another day.


Charles said…
On Windows 10, unfortunately, I found no alternate "full" uninstaller. What is worse, version 7.0.4, announced by Eizo as a fix for this problem in place of v. 7.0.3, gave me the same problem. While I wait for a response to my message to Eizo tech, I have gone back to version 6.4.24. It did not give me the Data Access Error problem.

CN7 integrates ColorNavigator Network, making the latter redundant. One hypothesis is that the network module and something in Windows 10 collide and crash.
Charles said…
More on the problem in a Windows environment: after uninstalling the old version 7, you must also manually delete the \ProgramData\EIZO\ColorNavigator 7 folder, too. Then install the newer release of version 7. That was the advice from Eizo support, and it worked.
gregveit said…
Thanks @Charles. Finally got it to work!

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