Dump Classes and Functions from a Jar

I on a regular basis find me in the situation were I need to find out which jar exactly exposes a class or function.

For years I've been using:
# for f in *.jar ; do
echo ===== $f
strings | grep "function"

Which kind of works, but it does actually not dump all the function names.

So after a bit of research I came up with:
for f in *.jar ; do 
    jar tf $f | while read fl ; do 
        cl=$(echo $fl | sed 's/\//./g'); 
        c=${cl%.*} ;
        javap -classpath $f $c; 

This will produce output like;


Compiled from "ServerSessionPool.java"
public interface javax.jms.ServerSessionPool {
public abstract javax.jms.ServerSession getServerSession() throws javax.jms.JMSException;
Compiled from "Session.java"
public interface javax.jms.Session extends java.lang.Runnable {
public static final int AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE;
public static final int CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE;
public static final int DUPS_OK_ACKNOWLEDGE;
public static final int SESSION_TRANSACTED;
public abstract javax.jms.BytesMessage createBytesMessage() throws javax.jms.JMSException;
public abstract javax.jms.MapMessage createMapMessage() throws javax.jms.JMSException;
public abstract javax.jms.Message createMessage() throws javax.jms.JMSException;
public abstract javax.jms.ObjectMessage createObjectMessage() throws javax.jms.JMSException;
public abstract javax.jms.ObjectMessage createObjectMessage(java.io.Serializable) throws javax.jms.JMSException;


See perfect way to find that elusive class/function.


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