Angry as a life philosophy

Sooo, I decided to do things in the wrong order, and only figured it out after I'd done it, and then it was too late - as with most things in my life ...

I stopped smoking (maybe I'll let the world know how I feel about specific thing), but I had all the symptoms as most people who give up their lifeline to sanity; eating (bring it on), not too happy with anything, and in general just a pain in the bottom for a few months (I'm amazed that I still have a job, but hey I tried).

Now after not having my life extension between my fingers every 1 hour (on avg.) during waking hours left some space which needed to be filled with other things, and as I've always been quite outspoken about stupidity I decided to get Angry with stupidity.

Like; why the f... can't you figure out not to throw your cigaret buds on the street, or don't throw you Mac D. wrap paper on the street, shithead. Stuff like that, and what I found is that I actually don't get along with most people in the world. Actually I do get along with the world, but as the world is so filled with stupidity it's amazing that we as a species have survived this long...

So most people would probably say that I should chill and relax... right read about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, it mostly exist because people just throw plastic (cans, bags, dipers, etc.) over their left or right shoulder instead of disposing of it in a secible way. Or an article I read some time ago which stated that if you eat more than 170g of Tuna (or salmon/laks) every week then there is a risk that you will die from heavy metal poisoning (Japan will cease to exist in the near future). Not saying that you should eat Tuna anyway as there aren't too many of them left.

Then it comes to behaviour towards other people, everyday I'll see people who will J-walk, and give cars the finger if they honk at them ... hey you should know better. Or if I hit a bicyclist who is running a red light then it's my fault automatically as I should know that the Darwin Award would do that.

So yes, I'm angry as I know that most people actually have a brain, and should know better, but they are too lazy or don't give a hoot about what happens around them - that really pisses me off.

Only thing which is worse than all of this are inconsiderate people ...

And after been angry for months I actually am a lot better ... the world is unfortunately still stuffed with too many stupid people.


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