Opinions without substance

I've always been told to make sure that I do my best to know the background before I comment complain about something (the weather is exempt). But with the introduction of Facebook we now have "amateur" specialists, who will "like", "share" etc., anything which they think make any sence. Unfortunately it is not only the "amateur" specialists on Facebook which do this, also Journalists who write for previously recognized broadsheet papers have started to do this, which means that we cat opinions without substance.

I quite often (until I dis-friended them), got forwarded (shared) information about animal rights on Facebook, though being interesting, but the information in general terms came from fanatical people who only have one reason in publicizing this information; to tell other people what they SHOULD think, there is no room for creating ones own opinion, nor to criticize their opinion - it's very much; either you're with us, or you're against us. Not saying that the people who shared the information with me where fanatically, but I sometimes think that taking what other people write is easier than to sit down and research the subject and then write something else - which can cause people to like or share things which they might not agree with when they are questioned about it. And it also makes me comment and question the shared material....

We have always, as far as I can understand, had fanatical people, the problem is that in todays society it is too easy to agree with them without actually having to understand what they talk about, and it is too easy for them to spread their "broadcast".

Remember before you "like" or "share" contents that knowing what it's about might teach you something, and maybe you'll choose something else....


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