Lowland Sleeping bags....

So, my sleeping bag reached the end of it's life, and this time I decided to spend a bit of money to get a Down bag, and and I like space for my feed I was specifically looking for a blanket model.

After some time I found and decided on a Lowland Ranger Lite, sizewise it was perfect 220cm long, and 80cm wide, and reasonable cheap.

So I get the thing, 20 minutes before I'm about to leave for a long weekend in a tent, perfect.

Later that day, I crawl into my new (very nice) sleeping bag, and it's a bit tight.... like I lack a bite space around my shoulders, hummmm.

When I get home I decide to messure it, and it comes to 71cm, not 80cm.

Right, something is a bit strange, I contact the shop where I got it from, they are a bit taken aback, ok, I go there, and they have a look at, yes, very strange, and compare to other Lowland Sleeping Bags... non of them are 80cm wide.

The end of the story is that they will take it back, and I'll get a Yeti instead.

In the mean time I contacted Lowland Tends, am more or less told (when I ask why the specifications does not add up) to go somewhere else, and they cannot be bother about false marketing.

Now, I liked the Lowland sleeping bag, it was nice, but there are limits, they know that their specifications does not add up, but continue to use these specifications. And when one ask why, one is told to bleep off.

I suggest to stop buying from them....


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