Apple IOS6 cannot install nor update applications

I had this interesting issue after I upgraded my iPad to IOS6, where I was not able to upgrade nor install new applications. The install would start, but immediately stop - it looked like it would hang with the status of "waiting".

I did what most people do; a restore, which did not help at all.

Then after a lot of searching, I found a thread on the Apple Discussion forums where someone pointed out that it could be caused by a hanging download in the music store, and true enough I had a song which was not downloading, after pausing it all my "waiting" applications started to download.

If you have application installs / updates which have status of "waiting", open "Music", then tap the "Store" button, or the iTunes App, and then "Downloads", and if there are any items (songs) there which are in the middle of downloading, but not moving tap the "pause" button, and your applications should start downloading.... ,

Now, one could wish for Apple to solve that little issue in an update.....

And no I do not know how to get the iTunes store to progress the hanging item in the iTunes store....


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