VMware ESXi 5 - VNC to a guest

One of the more annoying things is that by default one have to use the vSphere client to access the console of a guest.

Some people have decided to modify the firewall on the host to get direct access to the guest, but there is a simpler way to accomplish this.

  1. enable ssh key authentication on the host

  2. add the following to the guest configuration (needed no matter what)
    RemoteDisplay.vnc.enabled = "true"
    RemoteDisplay.vnc.port = "<port number for the vnc server>"

  3. configure your vnc client to use ssh, for example with Chicken of the VNC:
    Host: <your vmware esxi host>
    Port: the port number specified for the guest
    [X] Tunnel over SSH
    SSH Host: root@<your vmware esxi host>


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