Apple AppStore & iTunes Ping

I really think it's great that Apple develop all these cool things to make the experience of using their software an really nice and relaxed experience.

But, as there is always a but in there, they absolutely silly and annoying way they chose which language one can use would be something someone should be @$!@#$!@$%@#$% for.

I am forced to use the Dutch iTunes Store, which means that iTunes Ping is also in Dutch (which I do not like, neither would I like any other language than English for that matter, even if it's not my native language). The same goes for the AppStore, why does it have to be in Dutch (which is btw. one of my pet hate languages).

Sometime ago I tried to open a support request with Apple to see if they could explain me the reason why Ping would be in Dutch, after a few emails back and forth, I gave up, it seams that the people they have sitting there know roughly as much about as any one firstline support person, ie. if it's not in the F.A.Q, then it's the customer who is doing something very wrong.

Could someone please make Apple understand that the "automatic" language selection for their AppStore and iTunes Pine is a pile of rubbish.


medical billing said…
I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

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