Missing your Facebook contacts in Adium?

There is a problem with the protocol Adium used to implement the Facebook Chat, which means that some people have problems seeing their contact (they are not there...).

As of Adium 1.4.2 this will be fixed as Adium is moving to the new protocol - or they say they are.

As per this wiki page do:

  • in preferences, remove the facebook "account".

  • add a "Jabber" account (as opposed to a Facebook account).

  • type in your Facebook username, followed by @chat.facebook.com, for examples "JoeBob@chat.facebook.com". You'll need to activate your username in the account preferences (Account ? Account Settings ? Username) of your Facebook account, using the website. (I did not have to do this)

  • set the connection server to "chat.facebook.com", on the options pane.

And you should see all your Facebook contacts in Adium again.


Tim said…
Yeah this was happening to me too. Fix worked a treat. Thanks heaps!
atomiku said…
I was also having the same problem, this has helped and now everything is working fine. Thanks! Surprised Adium haven't fixed this yet - We're in May now and still at version 1.4.1.
Luciano said…
I followed your instructions, it shows status as connected, yet I don't see any Facebook contacts on the list.
casper said…
I wouldn't know, I only provided this as a workaround.

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