IDM - LDAP Driver and binary attributes

Having issues with binary attributes and the LDAP Driver; by default the LDAP Driver is set to "LDAP Server Supports Binary Attribute Option", which means that it will use the 'binary' keyword for every octet string it sends to the LDAP Server.

If you see something like this:

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: DriverDN
Channel: Subscriber
Object: ObjectDN
Status: Error
Message: LDAPException: Undefined Attribute Type (17) Undefined Attribute Type
LDAPException: Server Message: jpegPhoto;binary: option "binary" not supported with type

Then you need to tell the driver that your LDAP Server does not support binary attributes, that is attributes which have the binary keyword - it will still accept octet strings.

You can change that in Driver Options -> Subscriber Options -> "LDAP Server Supports Binary Attribute Option", and set it to 'No'.


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