AppleTV version 2

According to Mr. Jobs people want:

  • Hollywood movies & TV Shows

  • Everything in HD

  • Lower prices for content

  • Don't want a computer

  • Don't want to manage storage

  • Don't want syncing

  • Silent,cool & small

I am sorry, I could not care for most of these things, I want to be able to stream content from a NAS device, or just a normal file server, or if I really have to from a shared folder on my desktop computer. I do not care if I had to install some software, use Samba, NFS, or AFP - but I want to be able to stream content from a system which does not have to run iTunes, and I would like to be able to use codecs which are not h.264, and support for VIDEO_TS would be really nice.

Yes I really like Apple products as they in many cases works, but this is not really what I was looking for.

Sorry Apple, but this is absolutely stupid....

BTW. the case looks like one of the similar devices which is currently available in my local MediaMarkt


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