Dumb Drivers

Dump Drivers, well I spend on average 25.000km on the road every year and am starting to get the understanding that the general traffic law have been disabled or rendered invalid for about 40% of everyone who walk, bicycle, drive a mopet, motorbike, car, or a truck.

As I'm currently is a resident of The Netherlands, my general rant is pointed towards people of the origin of that country, not saying that things aren't any different anywhere else, but that is for other people to comment on.

Some of my issues with people in general are:


  • red light actually mean that you should not cross the street

  • do not walk in the middle of the street, that is unhealthy


  • still this thing with red light is still a small issue

  • these white things on the road which look like shark teeth actually mean that you should not drive out in front of an oncoming vehicle

  • there is also a reason why it is a good thing to have lights on when it's dark, other people could not care less if you can't see where you're going, but it's really nice to see that you're there

  • pedestrian only streets, actually mean pedestrian only streets. Not bicycles, and pedestrians

  • bicycles are not allowed to drive beside each other... you're taking up space which is meant to be used for other important things, like me


  • they should all be banned...


  • you're not Valentino Rossi!!!

  • you're not Valentino Rossi!!!

  • you're not Valentino Rossi!!!

  • you're not Valentino Rossi!!!

  • and no your new 120db exhaust does not sound great at 3am

  • be my guest kill yourself by driving like a madman, but do it somewhere else

car drivers:

  • you might be intelligent enough to get a license, but that does not mean that you should drive a car (very common in The Netherlands, where the common IQ for car drivers must be close to 0

  • you know that there is a reason why cars have indicators

  • you should then also know that it's polite to use these indicators

  • and when you finally get around to use the indicators, then use them more than once

  • changing lanes on the motorway, is actually the same as entering a road (like an intersection), other traffic have right of way, and remember the indicators

  • overtaking on the right is not allowed!!!

  • there might be an option to drive in the right lane... MOVE!!

  • motorway speed is more than 50km/h

  • and no you cannot break in corners, it's stupid, and it's dangerous

  • red light means STOP!

  • please do not enter an crossing if you cannot clear it before red light...

truck drivers:

  • no, you cannot overtake that other truck within reasonable time.......

  • try not to push other people of the road when you decide to change lane.... POLISH idiots!!

What amazes me the most is that people actually are not embarrassed but there misconduct in the traffic, it's like everyone is allowed to do as they fell like. Someone told me some years ago that the Dutch have two national sports, one of them being football (which they are not very good at, looking at the results from the last world champion ship), and the other one being behaving like idiots in the traffic.

There is a television program; "Weg Misbruikers", where they show all the stupid things people do while commanding a motor vehicle - the scary thing most of the people being stopped think it's very funny - what's wrong with people....

The Germans have a saying about the Dutch: "schwartzer schrift auf gelber rand belief gefern und bleib gesund", which more or less means that if you see a car with Dutch numberplates make sure to seek cover, otherwise you might be in trouble.

I also sometimes do silly things, but in general I do my absolutely best to follow the law, that way one does not have to worry about the policy... and if something happens it's not my fault.


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