Books in Order or Not

Someone I know always get a nervous break down (or close to) when he sees my books... Ok, back to the explanation.

I read books, lots of them, and as I figured out many years ago, it's cheaper to buy them, than to pay the fines at the library when I return them to late. Also I like the idea about having books... Years ago I saw an interview with a language geek who taught people in Hollywood English dialects who said; "Home is where you put stuff, while you go out to get more stuff", for me stuff is equal books, and CD's (music, and my CD's are also a mess).

Now for some years I was able to keep the book in more or less alphabetic order, but as space is a luxury, and bookshelves are a premium I ended up having to have 3 layers of book, and simply ended up just putting the last read book where there is space. This is fine as long as one can remember where a specific book is - within a row or two... But as I got more and more books this system started showing some faults; I started buying more than one copy of the same book (they all went to a home where they are loved), and finding a book for a re-read became something which doesn't take 10 minutes, it's more like an hour (or it feels like it).

I at some point got this library software (Delicious Library) and got all the books into it, but that does not help finding them, yes it helps when it comes to buying duplets or triplets, but not finding the physical book.

So I've been thinking, alphabetic humm good idea, but then again that would be too simple, author by country, continent; could be, or just release date/year - much better, and probably for me easier to remember;-) Or some obscure way, like John Cusack did with his records in High Fidelity (which I can't remember).

One thing for sure is that having too many books can never happen.


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