The missing USBOverDrive

I some times feel like a fool, why would one wonder, well I tend to buy the software I use, even the more expensive parts.

Now there is a wast amount of good freeware around, but not all of it always working (for example Adium seams to crash 2 - 3 times a day, which is a partly known issue, but no one have come around to fix it yet).

Now there is a hugh issue with Apple Mice, they are slow, like dead slow, actually more than dead slow. And until recently the only way to get them moving was to use USBOverDrive, which unfortunatly will turn a Magic Mouse into a two button mouse, no scrolling....

Now I've been visiting the home page for USBOverDrive every 1 to 3 weeks over the last months, even send the author an email for information about an upgrade (which hopefully will support the Magic Mouse), but nada, nothing... the last time the homepage was updated was on the 5th of November 2009.

Now I have a licens to some software (I did pay for it) which does not work with my mouse. Good for me that Magic Prefs actually is working, but I liked USBOverDrive more.


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