Apple Wireless Keyboard

So I have this MacMini as a mediacenter PC, which is working and I don't really have any problems with it, except that once in a while I want to be able to surf the web, or write an email without having to get out of the sofa.

For years I've used US keyboards, and don't really like to use something else, so I went to my local apple shop to order a Apple Wireless Keyboard, with US layout. After 6 weeks (yes, it took 6 weeks for them to provide me with this information) I was told that this would not be possible, and there was no way that they could sell one of these to me. They suggested that I should contact Apple Netherlands, but they doubted that anything would come out of it.

After a bit of research I did find out that it was possible to get one, if I would buy a 27" iMac, which I found would be slightly too expensive just to get a keyboard.....

But, I had read on some forums that some people sometimes send an email to Steve Jobs to complain about things in regards to Apple, and sometimes they get a positive response. So I sat down wrote an email pointing out that having to buy an 27" iMac would be expensive, especially as I only wanted the keyboard.

Today I got a phone call from Apple telling me that I now can order a US Wireless keyboard from Apple, even if I am in Europe!! Way to go, and it shows that sometimes contacting the right people gives you a positive result.

btw. if you live in The Netherlands you can order it from here


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