Good websites are hard to find...

Someone said at a few years ago that the more you know the less you actually know. And that with the growth of information on the internet we would reach a point where there would be so much information that finding the right information would be very difficult.

I would say that we are staring to get to the point that there is so much useless information available that actually finding something is becoming more and more problematic - at some point it will be close to impossible.

I have to say that companies like Google, and prior to them Yahoo, and also to some degree Microsoft Bing does make it easier as they have these wonderful robots eating away on the internet and sorting it so that we should be able to find it again. Unfortunately these companies also have to make a living, which means that if one search for something there is a 50% chance that the first 100 hits one get are pointers to companies or sites which actually do not provide any information, but they have paid to be listed first, and with some luck someone will use them to buy something. Which is annoying, and to say the least very frustrating.

Actually the only thing I find more annoying are websites with music - and flash introduction pages where one cannot either skip them or switch off the music, I actually mostly will find somewhere else to do my business, and I hope other people do the same, voting with ones feet.

Also years ago (actually 2 decades ago), when I was taught how to write software, and also how to design user interfaces we where told day in and day out that interfaces should be simple and easy to use - humm, these days one see websites where the designer have had a spasm, meaning there is absolutely no way to find out how to find information, let alone how to contact anyone for anything, and it is even sometimes difficult to figure out what the website is about.... next...

Could some one please educate people who make these things, in such a way that they understand that we want a) understandable messages, b) easy way to get it, and c) nothing too fancy.


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