To "Netbook" or not to "Netbook"

There have been quite a buzz about the Netbook syndrome, there is Asus, MSI, Acer, Dell, and possible other brands which have come up with a notebook which is build around the Intel ATOM processor and ~1GB ram, and eiter a SSD or a harddriver. The screen is ~9 - 10" with a resolution of 1024x600'ish.

Now I've been looking at these things for a while, and ones in a while I'll have another look, and everytime I decide against them as they a way to underpowered for what I need them for (well that is not correct), as I normally use a MacBook Pro (unibody) which even for what I use it for sometimes is underpowered.

Also I do not want a Linux nor a Windows netbook, I want one which officially runs Apple OSX!!!

But now, the rumors have started again for an Apple Netbook, this latest incarnation is a "Netbook", but it's also a tablet....

More about it here

In short, I would like one of these.....


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