Internet or not Internet

So I decided to drop my very expensive internet subscription (depends on how one looks at things), and change to a cheaper one.... Everything went according to plan, and I got a new line (use to have a cable modem).

2 weeks into the whole thing my modem died, and I was told that I would get a new one, so far so good, getting home today from shopping and there is a letter, saying that I've canceled my internet subscription... WHAT!!!!

8 minutes later on a 900 number (why do I have to pay for them to help me...), and I'm being told that they sometimes send the wrong letter when they replace the modem, and funny enough it causes a few raised eyebrows.

So I went from UPC, to, and if I'd known about the quality of services, the speed which I pay for (20/1Mb/s) and what I get... I would have stayed with UPC....

Silly me


cable modem said…
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