Apple Cinema Displays and the missing button

So you're asking yourself; what is he on about this time. Well if you don't have either a [stag]Apple Cinema Display[/stag] (ACD monitor) or an [stag]Apple iMac[/stag] you will never understand....

Steve Jobs in his wisdom, have decided that you do not need a button to switch off the monitor... it is enough to switch off the computer.

Lucky enough after some searching (gotta love Google) I found the magic key combination: [stag]Control-Shift-Eject[/stag] (The key that ejects discs) will switch off the display on Macbook (Pro), iMac's, and the ACD attached to either your Mac Pro, or Macbook (Pro).

Now, if someone could explain to someone at Apple, that a on/off button on a display is a very very nice thing to have...


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