XEN with loopback devices

One of the most annoying things with [stag]XEN[/stag] and [stag]loopback[/stag] devices is that at some point you will run out of them. Especially if you like me have a setup with more than 15 virtual servers (not all of them are running at the same time).

I just ran into "Error: Device 5632 (vdb) coulnt not be connected. losetup $lo flags $loopdev $file", which after some digging means that there are no free loopback devices.

The nice thing is that there is a way to solve it, instead of having;

In your [stag]DomU[/stag] replace
disk=[ ..., 'file:/..../file.iso...
disk=[ ..., 'tap:aio:/..../file.iso...

Then you DomU should start just fine.

Read more here.


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