Some people do not always understand.

I saw this entry on 'Global Voices Online' (Egypt: A Racist Video Game), where the blogger commented on two different writings commenting on a game where the whole purpose would be to kill Muslims - the game have later been pulled, but still it made it out there.

I can only agree that creating a game for the sake of killing people from a specific group is not the way to go.

But caricature, which the Danish cartoons where, is a northern European way of taking something which is very serious (and almost impossible to debate), and make it approachable (sarcasm and irony also is a very large part of it). I don't think anyone who where part of it, ever thought that people would miss that part of it.

Also if you would follow the news in Scandinavia you will see that some of the most difficult problem for the authorities to handle (for years - and we are talking about more than 10 years ) have been 2nd and 3rd generation youngsters from the middle east who do not want to live by the rules of the society (ok, the autonoms also are also a bunch of hooligans) .

It is very difficult for Europeans to understand why anyone would kill them self in the name of their religion, we cannot see that it would be worth it. Yes we can all see that there are parts of the world where life is so difficult that there is almost no way to improve life conditions, but still is it worth a life.

Also it have nothing to do with news sources, it have something to do with people, we all swell in unhappiness and pain (especially others), a horror story is more interesting than a story about something good. Fortunately some people make it their life to make bad things happen, and if they at the same time do their best to get in the news doing so, it does not take much to brand people.

But people in Europe and I hope the same goes for the rest of the world, the problem is that we are all taught that when you move to a new place you should keep your identity, but try to live by the rules of the new place (actually in some countries non Muslims are in deap trouble if they don't do so). Most of the immigrants in Europe who come from the middle east come from the out skirts of society, where not the religion is the base of life, but tribal rule, and that is what is causing the major problem.

Sorry I got side tracked.

You cannot expect people not to brand people, if they them self do the same, I think people in the west is tired of seeing their flags burned, their embassies bombed, and their people abducted, etc. that most of this have nothing to do with religion is not interesting, most people are simple people who do not see a separation on that subject.

I am not trying to excuse neither the cartoons (not only in Denmark), nor a silly game, but you should also try to see it from the other side before you condemn people - I've always tried to do so, and even if it does not help, it sometimes bring some understanding.


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