Shazam the first really useful iPhone app

I'm the first one to admit that my short term memory is like a drainpipe, that is, not very good. I often hear some music which I think should be added to my collection, but 1 minute later I can't remember what it was.

Now there is an app for the [stag]iPhone[/stag] which can help with that; Shazam. When you hear something which you don't really know, you run it, it will "listen" to it, and tell you what it is.

And also do other stuff like tag it, and it will enable you to buy it from iTunes (don't like that part, but someone might do).

Great part is that it's for free. But as it requires a microphone it will not work with the iPod Touch.


Hayley said…
Sounds like a really cool app! Pity I don't have an iPhone ;)
casper said…
Did I forgot to mention that it would quite useful during a Pub Quiz....
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Hayley said…
That is almost enough incentive to buy an iPhone!
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