Leopard Annoyances III - Finder

One of the things I was looking forward for [stag]Apple[/stag] to add of the "new" things in Leopard was proper sorting of folders in [stag]Finder[/stag].

I've always used the following sort order 1) Folders, 2) everything else in alphabetic order by type, and it seams like Apple do know how to do this, and it really anoyes me as it makes finding what I'm looking for a time consuming thing - especially when one have a few hundred files in a folder.

At least there is a way to make sure that folders always are first (or last), if one modify the /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/
InfoPlist.string by following this howto.

But it still only sort on one column.

How can it be that iTunes can sort on multiple columns when Finder can't?

Maybe Mr. Jobs only have one kind of content in his folders......

Also it looks like the sorting by name is broken in Leopard; in Tiger one could choose to sort by Kind, and then the rest would be sorted by Name (or that is my assumption), but in Leopard it looks like if one choose to sort by Kind the non Folder items will be sorted randomly. Just have a look at your Applications Folder, choose to sort by Kind and the first items will be more or less random.

Just have a look at this
Finder Arrange By

This is my Applications folder Arrange By Kind, humm.....


Warren said…
Sort by kind sorts apps by "Application (PowerPC)" and "Application (Universal)". I think 10.4 contented itself with just sorting by the first letter.
casper said…
Ahhh, looking at it again, the order is "Application", "Application (Intel)", "Application (Universal)". Which is crap, it should not consider the different Applications different in sort order.

Just another one of these Annoyances with Leopard.

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