Google Reader

I'm using [stag]Google Reader[/stag] for my rss feeds (that way I can read them everywhere), and now they (well been able to for a while), allow you to share things on a public page.

When you see items you would like other people to see (actually people can also subscribe to it) you can share the item (at the bottom of the reader item window), and it becomes available on your public page.

Also you can put a link to it on you page:

Google Reader

Kind of cool....

My shared page is here.


Alphast said…
I use it (and like it too), but there is one thing I find inconvenient. There is no option to create a feed with all your sources (the only work around is to share all the posts once every day, which is tedious).
Alphast said…
Geee! I found a new way around this... One can change the public/private default settings in the Tags tab. That helps a bit...

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