Leopard Annoyances I - Apache/PHP

Hey, it's new it's bright, and it works - kind of.

I do some web development on my Macbook Pro, and one thing I've found is that even though Apple decided to ship PHP5 with [stag]Leopard[/stag], they did not compile it with (as I have found until now) the following modules:

- mysqli
- [stag]gd[/stag]

I can live without '[stag]mysqli[/stag]', but I cannot live without gd, as it would mean that I cannot do any graphics manipulation.

Vidyut Luther have a good list of what's in Leopard and what is not.

For PHP5 there is Entropy, but it's not yet for Leopard, there is NAMP which looks like a better solution. But then one have to rely on their Apache installation and not the one which comes with Leopard.

I don't know which is the worst, or the best, but both of the option annoy me, as Apple could have compiled the missing modules into PHP.

Just found that there is also XAMPP.


[...] after Leopard was released I wrote about my findings with PHP5 on Leopard here - which had the conclusion that PHP on Leopard is more or less useless due to the fact that there [...]
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