Darwin or no Darwin

I was watching God's Warriors on [stag]CNN[/stag] yesterday evening (CNN God's Warriors), and finally I got the explanation why evangelists mush think why Darwin is wrong, and by no means cannot be right.

It goes like this; "If Darwin is right, then Genesis cannot be right, and therefor the whole bible is wrong", therefor Darwin is wrong, as the bible is right.

I still like the joke; "Moses on the mountain, asking God how the whole thing started. God; "8 billion years ago...", Moses: "hey, stop, can I get the short version!", God; "On the first day..."

Just shows that if you have doubt in your faith, then you have doubt in everything....


Hayley said…
It is an interesting topic, but such a contentious issue. Personally, I think that it is largely dependent on how you read the bible - if you take it literally or draw your own interpretation from what is written. However, I do know some very devout Christians who are also scientists and I wonder how they reconcile these issues. I can only assume in many cases that they choose not to.
casper said…
The program was quite a revelation, no matter where one go there are religious people who follow their faith more or less to the letter, but in this program there where issues which made me shake my head.

Another issue was the environmental question; as it is determined that God created the earth, then he will also look after it, and then we (humans) do not need to do it (taken very very literal, and maybe out of context).

But it show that some people find it easier use a book to find the answers for everything, then to make up their own mind, and also it could have something to do with empowerment, some people where never enabled to make up their own mind.

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