Apple OSX - Trojan Horse

It finally happened, someone got around to write an [stag]trojan horse[/stag] for [stag]OSX[/stag], we have been lucky so far, and as it is, this trojan horse is not really that clever. Or as one could say the people who actually get infected are not that clever, as it requires them to do two manual things;

1) download a file (.dmg - file image)
2) install it - which actually requires a password (administrator)

There is a good article about it on Macworld, which also talks about how to remove it (which is quite simple), and also funny enough how to see if you have been infected.

Also the only place one can get only this thing from a porn site, which means that the people who get infected probably will not talk to loudly about it:-)


Alphast said…
I guess that it is actually a good sign for Apple. It just means that their computers are getting popular enough to grab the attention of some self proclaimed "hackers". The ransom of success! ;-)

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