You gotta love Apple

Well kind of, but still. I've had my [stag]MacBook Pro[/stag] for 19months and is still quite happy about it, I've applied all the patches for OSX they've asked me to apply, and it still works (there was an issue with wireless and battery, but there was a workaround for that).

As for the hardware, I got the first [stag]battery[/stag] replaced as there was something wrong with the one which it came with, and now the last couple of weeks I've seen that the battery charge went from 45% to 0% in a matter of minutes. So I found this technical document on their support site saying that if this and that is the case; call support....

Which I did, and now I'm getting a new battery again - for free!! how cool is that?

Update; well it turns out that the replacement battery is free, only if the new if returned within 10 days - got an email with stated that it was รข‚¬102 for the battery, and after calling Apple Support again, I was told that they will only bill me if I don't return the old battery with in 10 days, pew.....


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