Buggy QuickTime 7.1.5 update??

It looks like the latest update to [stag]Quicktime[/stag] (7.1.5) is buggy. There is a discussion going on at [stag]Apple[/stag] about reverting back to the previous version - which is close to a no go.

I ran in to the same problem with VLC ([stag]VideoLan Client[/stag]), which quits unexpectedly, and very random. There is a long discussion going on on VLC forums about that, and some people are not too happy about this.

One of the suggestions is to downgrade VLC to version 0.8.4, or 0.8.2, or 0.8.0, which is anoying as then it's no longer a universal binary, but if that is what will solve the problem until Apple get's around to release a bugfix for QuickTime, or release information to developers, then that's what we have to live with.


[...] commented on the QuickTime 7.1.5 update, and how it broke VLC (and maybe other [...]

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