Did someone take over my Mac?

One of the few things which really scares me with computers are things like [stag]backdoors[/stag], or [stag]trojans[/stag].

Not so much that they exist, but it actually is possible for someone to gain access to my computer with out me knowing, or for someone to just sit there and follow what I am doing without me knowing that it happens.

I'm using a [stag]Microsoft[/stag] (tm) Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac, which is as it says wireless, and suddenly earlier today my mouse cursor started moving around with out me doing anything.... my brain took a few seconds to process that, and it could have something to do with the driver, shaked it a bit around, and still it was moving. Hummmmm, then suddenly a list of my mails where selected... computer off.....

For some strange reason I now have an issue or two getting my [stag]MacBook Pro[/stag] (MBP) up and running again, but because I had installed a few updates the last couple of days, I thourgh it could have something to do with that, so I started tcpdump on my router to see if I could see any trafic to and from my MBP.. nada.. So at some point I just had it sitting there (waiting for the login window to apear), and there it was again - the mouse cursor started moving. Disconnected everything - that is network, it continued, then I pulled the plug on the wireless receiver for my keyboard/mouse - and then it stopped. Now the a very good question is - what is the reception for one of these things, and how the f... would it enable anyone to do anything of interest on my MBP...

Only good thing is that I now know what it is, and know how to stop it, but still it is kind of scary to sit there and the mouse cursor moves without any interaction what so ever...


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