So been missing your NTFS on OSX

It looks like someone have been doing something about this. Amit Singh from Google, have been working on FUSE (File-system in USErspace).

It is supposed to make is possible to read/write NTFS (and other non-supported filesystems) on OSX.

But as usual with these things it comes with a warning: "Before opening new issues, please look at the Wiki, especially the FAQ and the HOWTO articles, to see if your problem is already discussed there. It would also be helpful to look at the current and past problems reported in the 'Issues' section."


Alphast said…
I don't get it. OSX wasn't based on Linux? And isn't Linux able to read and NTFS partition? Or am I completely off?
Casper said…
No it's based on BSD (Unix), that means that there is a limited number of filesystem it recognize. But it does not stop there - the commands are Unix, not Linux (GNU tools) which means that parameters might be diffrent, or what your are looking for in a command does not exist, and so forth. It makes life interesting for people who are used to Linux (as me).

But there are ways to change that Fink and DarwinPorts have ported a number of GNU tools to OSX, which makes life a bit easier...
Alphast said…
OK, I understand it better then. Thanks for the explanation.
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