iPhone - Cisco vs. Apple

The posiblity that I was the only one who saw the announcement of the Apple iPhone is very close to nil (as here). One of the more interesting things is that Linksys (owned by Cisco) launced a Skype capable phone which they call "(iPhone ®)", and now they are saying that Apple is copying the name...

Well I was in the local electronic buy everything shop, and had a look at this wonder from Linksys, and sorry as other people have mentioned, it is not possible to find any notion of "(iPhone ®)" on the package, so I don't know why they would call it something which is not.

Also there have been speculations, that Cisco just saw an easy way to earn some cheap cash... Like; you honor we did register the name iPhone before Apple did, so tell them to pay us some money.

Another thing is that Cisco bought a company who did register the name, but as did not use it they lost the right to the name - and according to some people Cisco found out a few days before that and did a "catch the hot potato", and started calling an already existing product "(iPhone ®)".

And the latest is that Cisco CEO John Chambers, call the whole case a "minor skirmish", and a few other things, but it looks like he want Apple's iPhones to work with Cisco's hardware....
I don't know, but it's going to be fun to follow this one...


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