Customer service - not....

I'm in the middle of a house move, well actually I'm moving in two week, and like to have everything preprepared. That is utility billes, etc., and one small thing my internet connection!!!

I've been using a farly cheap provider the last year (Speedlinq (bbned) in The Netherlands) which I've been quite happy with, they give me a connection to the outside world, and they let me have my server at home (it's in a room next door). But this Wednesday I send them a letter notifying them that I would move in two weeks, and would like them to move the connection the same day as my phone line would get moved.

Right, that should not be a problem you say.

Well I got up this morning and no connection, well thay could be an issue with the connection - went off painting my new place, and go back this evening, still no connection....

Call the helpdesk, and was told that the connection already was moved - WHAT!! - sorry have to talk to some other people, and they are called administrative people (bureaucrats in other words). First girly on the phone tried to get alone the line of "this is normal, and you just have to live without an internet connection for the next 2 - 3 weeks), not that I'm an impolite person, but there are limits. I ask to talk to her manager, which was refused (see there are good things about working in a callcenter), after refusing that answer a couple of times, and being very persistent, I finally go someone on the phone, whome I think was the manager, and told the same story; "move my connection back to my current address now! - please!". No can do and you are just (fucked), and have to live with. Well the whole thing ended with me canceling my connection with them (by the end of February), and went out seaching for a new one.

There are a lot of things one can do with out internet, but one thing is not possible, find a new provider. It's like you need internet to get a connection (or just find information about it), which is like the chicken and egg thing - which did not improve much on my happiness (to say the least).

Well I ended up going to the cableTV shop (yes I have cableTV - and never really use it), but they gave me a box with a modem in it (and lots of cables), which I connected after coming home from the pub (please don't tell the old lady that I had one pint to many), and hey it worked....

So instead of connecting my computer, I connected my router, it still worked, then I went so far as changing my DNS (domain name services, names to number, or what ever), and I now have my website back online, and I'm receving mail (not that is interesting for you - except that you can now send mail to me - again).

But back to my point, first this should not have happened, and second they should have told me that they would move back my connection first coming weekday (monday), but nooooo.... I for one can only say one thing stay clear of anything which have to do with Speedlinq, and especially bbned (in The Netherlands).

Seams like one still run into incredible bad customer service once in a while.....


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