Garmin Support for OSX

Earlier this year I wrote that Garmin would support OSX by the end of this year (according to a press release on their website). Well now according to a new press release, it will not be this year, but sometime in the first half of 2007.

How can I express my disapointment, this is one of the must have applications if one is having both a Garmin GPS, and a Mac.

Also I have to admit, that I never really did considder a TomTom, and even with this, I'm not going to. But it still sucks.


AD said…
how come you never considered a TomTom? They are a great product and i really like the ONE that just came out earlier this fall. Sorry about your OSX support, i suggest looking into TomToms
Casper said…
Because I need it on my motorbike, and until they came out with the Rider, they did not have anything which was water proof. And after I've seen the rider... it's too small, and there are not any routing software for it (provided by TomTom), and I really like the software from Garmin where you can sit at home planing your route, before you start out.
AD said…
Sorry the rider is too small. I just think most people wouldnt want anything too bulky on their bikes with them. TomTom does have good software even if you are using your Garmin.

Casper said…
I stand corrected on the Software issue, but I still like Garmin more. Also they came out with a dedicated thing for Motorbikes - the Zumo, which is TomTom Rider kind of thing. For me it also look small, I've seen in a shop, and I'm not impressed with the size.
Ashley said…
So again, why do you want such a big GPS for your bike, it would fall off. In comparison to the Garmin, is the TomTom rider bigger or the same size?
Casper said…
I've done 25000 km with it now, and it's still to come off. I've got a RAM mount for it. Yes it's bigger than the TomTom rider, but I don't find it that big, and it sits between the handlebars, where it's easy to see, and isn't in the way.

Also they where only talking about the TomTom rider when I got it, and at that point it was only the Streetpilot 26xx which had an option for 1GB memory cards (or 2GB) - and at the same time being water proof.

Until now, I've not had any issues with it, and I'll look at Garmin again when the time comes where I need a new one - I would like to have one where I can add POI's (speed cameras) without having to recalculate the maps. Yes I know that it's possible with the TomTom things, but I'm not interested in investing in a new GPS right now.
Peter said…
While we are waiting for OSX software from Garmin, I have started to document what you can do on OSX at
[...] I wrote here Garmin promised that they would release OSX versions of their software that is MapSource and POI [...]

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