Childish Danes?

So, it seams that my fellow Danes can't keep up their best behavior. Yet again it seams that a group of people do their best to my our reputation out in the 'big' world show us a discriminate, and intolerante country.

The latestes which probably will infuriate people in the middle east is an advert which was brought in Tehran Times this week, which first would think that it would support the Iranian Precident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but if one looks carefully it gives a diffrent result.

In many ways I could not care less, but it is signed with 'Danes for World Peace', and that would in some sense include me, and no I did not have anything to do with it, but now they have made sure that I yet again will have to defend the Danes, and tell people that yes we are a peace loving country (and I don't live there), and normally we do not really care for what ever religion people have, or what ever skin color they have - as long as they are nice people.

But this advert, which was actually done by an art group by the name of Surrend, and the people behind it (Jan Egesborg and Pia Bertelsen), they have done something similar earlier in other countries. There would probably not have been any problems if they had used their artist name, but signing it with 'Danes for World Peace', makes it slighthly diffrent, as people could think that all Danes are behind this message - WE ARE NOT!

The Spiegel also have somthing to say on the subject, and they call it 'Danish Art Stunt in Tehran', one could call it stunt, but I'm more to calling it stupidity.

One can argue if Mr. Ahmadinejad is right in some of what he does, but calling him out the way they do it is wrong.


Alphast said…
Hi Casper,

Well, it looks like your fellow citizens are making a habit of it... ;-) But hey, don't worry, we know that you are not all provocative vikings ready to take over the world's... humour.
Have a great day !

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